84.5mm Filters - UK Ambassador

 Use discount code: MIH15D at  www.84dot5mm.com/shop

Use discount code: MIH15D at www.84dot5mm.com/shop

A year ago I tried and reviewed 84.5mm - 100mm ultimate and professional line filters and was really pleased with the results and quality I got using the filters. The other huge benefit was the cost! They are a fraction on the competitors.

Fast forward over the year I have been slowly building up my filter set with 84.5 and now very pleased to annouce I am working in partnership with 84.5 as a UK ambassador. Has a result you can enjoy 15% off on your orders using the discount code MIH15D.

In the future you will be able to purchase filters from myself and I will be running workshops and training for navigation and photography.

I hope you enjoy the filters as much as I have done over the year and proud to continue to support the company moving forward.
The must have filter to try out is the X-Stopper 10 stop ND. Here is some of the photos I have taken using the filters.

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MIH_1122 bw.jpg
MIH_1071 ICM2.jpg